Welcome to Tampa Bay Short Sales. Need to sell your home in Florida fast? We are Tampa Short Sale Specialists. We have short sale realtors, short sale negotiators, and short sale buyers on our team. Looking for a Florida Short Sale Specialist or Short Sale Negotiator? Contact us today. short sale in real estate, florida short sales, short sales tampa fl, short sales in florida, Tampa Bay Short Sales, Tampa Short Sales, Tampa Bay Short Sale, Tampa Short Sale, Florida Short Sale specialists, Florida Short Sale Homes, Florida Short Sale Real Estate, Properties, Condos, Townhomes, Homes, Houses, Foreclosure, Avoid Foreclosure, short sale, tampa fl short sales, tampa fl short sale, short sale tampa fl, www.tbshortsales.com,
Facing foreclosure is a distressing situation. But you don't have to allow the situation to become out of hand. Our team of short sale experts understands how complicated your situation can be.
Don't settle for a foreclosure call center or someone who isn't a short sale expert.
You deserve personal and professional attention when it comes to you and your home.
Choose the experts at Tampa Bay Short Sales to answer all your questions one on one.

We live and work in the Tampa Bay area.
Our team personally handles the sale and purchase of your home from start to finish.
We know Tampa Bay homes and will get your home sold— and stop your foreclosure— FAST.
Upside down on your home equity? Behind on mortgage payments? No problem! We buy homes. Contact us for a cash offer today! It doesn't matter how upside down on your loan you are. It doesn't matter how far behind on your mortgage payments you are, or if you have two mortgages. Job Loss? Divorce? Medical Issues? Moving out of State? If you owe more than your house is worth, or can not afford to continue making your mortgage payments, we can help. We can get you out of your home, and you pay NO FEES and NO CLOSING COSTS! CONTACT OUR TEAM FOR AN OFFER TO PURCHASE YOUR HOME WITHIN 24 HOURS!
Tampa Bay Short Sales
Central Florida's Premier Short Sale Specialists
See us at Florida's Largest Home Show, October 18-20, 2013 at the Florida State Fairgrounds!
CALL 9AM-9PM, EVERYDAY:   1-813-210-7073

Tampa Bay Short Sales- Local Events & News
Tampa Bay Short Sales- Local Events & News
The Tampa Bay Short Sales Team was at Florida's Largest
Home Show, Florida State Fairgrounds, March 18-20, 2011.
Come see us again at
Florida's Largest Home Show,
Tampa Convention Center,
September 2 - 5, 2011!
Just 23% of short-sale offers that homeowners receive from potential buyers
actually close,
according to USA Today (article published 8/4/2009).

Our short sale close rate is more than 95% - FOUR TIMES the national average.

Tampa Bay Short Sales is the BEST choice for selling your home in today's complicated real estate market. Why choose Tampa Bay Short Sales?

  • Our AWARD WINNING team includes the best short sale Realtors, negotiators, title agents, and investment management in the Tampa Bay Area, with extensive experience in the complex Tampa real estate market.
  • Our investment portfolio allows us to submit an offer to your bank RIGHT AWAY.
    You don't have to wait three months, six months, or more for an offer to come along to begin your short sale.
  • Our unique process includes THE MOST options for selling your home in the current market.
  • Tampa Bay Short Sales offers complete homeowner protection, in writing and in easy to understand plain language.
  • All Realtor fees, commissions, and closing costs are paid for you. You can sell your home at no cost to you.
  • We provide real estate listing, selling, buying, and closing services as a bundled product, allowing homeowners to meet the strict time frames and requirements of lenders during the short sale process.
  • Tampa Bay Short Sales is not a "foreclosure rescue" company that charges up-front fees or retainers. There are no charges or fees for any homeowners, and our team is comprised of veteran Realtors, negotiators, and management.

    Call and speak with our experts today for more information.
Who is Tampa Bay
Short Sales?
Tampa Bay Short Sales is built on the principals of providing a much needed and dependable service to homeowners who need to sell their homes. We are committed to successfully negotiating a complete short sale acceptance for each of our clients.

Because you only get one opportunity to work out a short sale with your lenders, we only allow the best Realtors and loss mitigation negotiators in the Bay Area to work on your short sale.

Our guiding principles focus on ensuring your short sale is negotiated the best way possible to minimize the long-term impact. We are also committed to having our team available and accessable to support you and assist throughout the short sale process.

We guarantee that everyone on our team is respectful and understanding of your current situation. And we work tirelessly to help you walk away from your adverse situation as comfortably, and prepared for the future, as possible.
Tampa Bay Short Sales
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Tampa Bay Short Sales
P.O. Box 586
Valrico, FL 33595
Phone: +1 813-210-7073
Fax: +1 813-200-7950
Email: info@tbshortsales.com
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Tampa Bay Short Sales has always been an industry leader in the protection we provide to our clients in writing.

We are excited to announce that after February 1, 2011, the Federal Trade Commission requires the following disclosures on ALL short sale professionals' websites.

When looking for a professional company to assist you in your short sale, you should look for the following information and disclosures on their website.

The following disclosures are being made pursuant to the Federal Trade Commission’s Mortgage Assistance Relief Services (“MARS”) Rules (16 C.F.R. Part 322).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before using this service, consider the following information:

Tampa Bay Short Sales does not and cannot charge you any upfront fees in conjunction with agreeing to buy your dwelling via a short sale or for providing you any other type of mortgage assistance relief service.

Tampa Bay Short Sales is NOT associated with any government agency or program, and our company is NOT approved by the government or your lender(s).

Even if you accept this offer and use our service to sell your dwelling via a short sale, your lender may not agree to change your loan or approve the short sale.

Tampa Bay Short Sales is not and will not provide you with legal advice or representation.

At this time no one knows how long it will take to complete the short sale. There is no guarantee that the short sale or any other type of mortgage assistance relief service will be approved by your lender(s).

You may stop doing business with us at any time with regard to the short sale, our short sale negotiation services(if any), or real estate brokerage services(if any) which are being provided to you as a part of our effort to buy your house.

You may accept or reject the offer of mortgage assistance including the short sale approval that we may obtain from your lender or servicer. If you accept the offer, you may have to pay us a fee of $0 (zero dollars) for our short sale negotiation services. This fee and all other fees associated with the short sale of your dwelling will be listed on the HUD 1 closing statement. You may be obligated to pay us or an affiliate a commission for real estate brokerage services if you reject a written short sale offer acceptable to the buyer.

If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage your credit rating. Any decision to stop or limit communication with your lender should be determined by you and your legal counsel in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.